Lasercut poppelwood and balsa

The WISEL Light S model, is an amazing model, fun to both build and fly. The Construction kits can be made with or without a motor

The motor kit it is designed for is a Hacker A10 / 7 4.4: 1 – Esc 12 amp – Batt. Topfule Lipo 20C-ECO-X 1450 mAh 3S – Aeronaut Cam Prop Folding Propeller 10×12″ – However, other motor kits can be used with a maximum diameter of 22 mm

Information about the model: Wingspan 940 mm, Length 560 mm , Weight 390-420 gr. with motor 490-520 gr. Wing area 0,23 m²

Building kit

  • Lasercut parts
  • Extra wood for complete plane
  • Drawing of plane 1:1

Construction guidelines the fuselage

Construction guidelines the wing