First test flight with Leprechaun XL went well :-)

Some small adjustments need to be made before the next test – It must have mixed rudder when using the air brake – the engine is hard pressed, will try to switch to 4 cells instead of 3 and then the propeller should be changed from 16×8 ” to 13×11″ and it will provide 622 W instead of 389 W

Leprechaul ver. XL

Leprechaun ver. XL- Under construction and will soon be ready for test flight 🙂 .. Wing span becomes 414 cm – weight about 3200 grams – Wing loading about 17 g/dm² This version will come as a complete set, but there will also be the opportunity to get the middle section so you can expand your existing Leprechaun ver II – follow us on our website there will be more information soon