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  1. I live in a suburb of Sydney, NSW, Australia and I am about to commence building a 118″ wingspan version of the Leprechaun from laser-cut parts by a builder in South Australia.
    I plan to use the modified horizontal surface and fin/ rudder arrangement used by you and your associates.
    It looks much nicer than the original Twomey design. I will retain the rudder/elevator control system.
    The aircraft will be covered with tissue in keeping with the vintage design.

    1. Hi Peter – It sounds really nice, in my version II there is also ailerons, which can be an advantage in flight in heavy thermal – then you have the opportunity to brake it and slow it down – this is also good if there is little turbulence when flying on hills – then there is the possibility of quick regulation.. but it is not necessary – it also flies really well without 🙂 Good luck with you project

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