Contact is the site where you will be able to follow the various projects I’m currently working on in my man cave.

I have built and flown model aircraft ever since I was a little boy, and it still has my big interest.

Feel free to have a look around the page, and to comment on the content.

The site is under construction and new initiatives will be ongoing

If you have any questions or is interested in the building kits I provide, please contact me by e-mail, or use the contact form below.


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    1. Hallo Patrich
      Really nice to hear 🙂
      I work all the time to make new posts about my hobby and then I expect to have quality building kits for Leperchan finished around 1/6 2019

  1. Hello Michael,
    A very nice webside.
    I am interested in the Lelprechaun and if they are in stock I will order a full kit.
    I want to build in an electric motor. Do you also have examples or photos how it can be built in?
    Which setup can I apply?
    Thanks in advance.
    Good luck
    The Netherlands

    1. Thanks Ton
      I’m ready to deliver the first kits next week
      and a webshop will be attached to the website which will be continuously expanded with several oldtim building kits
      I have not tried to fly leprechaun with a motor set – but there will be a solution later
      It becomes a set where the engine sits on top of the wing and the battery is in the wing assembly in the center of gravity – so it is possible to fly it with and without the motor set 🙂

  2. Hello Michael,
    The kits that are coming are those already made suitable/ prepared for building up an engine? Or will there be a separate kit suitable for the engine later?
    I don’t need motor and electronics, just the build-up construction/option.
    Please let me know.
    Greetings Ton

    1. Hi Ton
      Set up for the engine is not finished yet, coming later on the webshop

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